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Algonquin Park Day Trip

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Number of days: 1

Beautiful vistas are around every corner on your trip through Algonquin Park. It's Ontario's most famous and gorgeous provincial park with plants and animals found nowhere else.  Paddle yourself through deep blue waters, take in the fresh air, and enjoy the Canadian nature you've always seen.  It's a relaxing and peaceful adventure that will fill you with joy!

We are looking forward to welcoming you on your BEST.TRIP.EVER.

Your journey includes a one day trek through the beautiful natural environment of Algonquin Park and its many pristine lakes and forests.  This trip includes a short wilderness hike, a canoeing lesson, and a visit to the Algonquin Visitors Centre.   Remember to bring your camera, lucky groups have even seen one of Canada's most majestic animals... the moose!

PLAN YOUR JOURNEY - We are looking forward to welcoming you on your BEST. TRIP. EVER. but we would hate it if you miss your trip. To help plan your journey and not be late please check the TTC website for closures.

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Departs at 07h30 from outside York Mills subway station. 09h45 Rest stop. 11h30 Canoeing Lesson at Canoe Lake. 13h00 Drive through the park.  13h30 Visit the Algonquin park Visitors Centre to learn about the Park history and wildlife.  14h30 Enjoy a nature hike to on Lookout Point Trail.  16h00 Go for a nature hike.  16h30 Depart from Algonquin Park.  18h00 Stop for dinner.  19h00 Return to Toronto.  

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